Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend Challenge - Clean out the Junk

Alright, the same rules from Easter weekend apply - I want you to have a few mimosas this weekend with your family for mother's day (or while you're skyping with mom from afar).

Onto business...and your weekend challenge!

When I talk to people about what their goals are and what they're doing to help clean up their act, many people refer to three main things getting in their way:

- Grazing, snacking, boredom/emotional eating
- Not having a grip on portion control
- Not LOVING their workout (aka you haven't yet found your soulmate)

This weekend I'm going to give you an assignment that won't CURE #1, but will really help out with the way that you handle grazing, snacking, boredom and emotional eating. 

You and/or your roommate, significant other, alter ego will hate me for this but my challenge to you is to TOSS OUT all of the crap that's in your pantry. 

You know what the junk is. 

The wheat thins, the potato chips, the tortilla chips, the sugar, the ice cream, the oreo's, the nonsense. 

I did this activity when I started paleo. While it wasn't easy to dump out all of my comfort snacks, it really helped when feeding time came along because I didn't have the same usual suspects lying around begging to be eaten. You know, the treats that know how to immediately stick to your hips and thighs while simultaneously making you regret the binge and lower your self worth. Bite by bite. 

When you do your big clean this weekend, tag me on instagram (@Jessifitpdx) with all the junk you're tossing out! 

There'll be a surprise in it for you! 

(okay since you're just starting out you can keep the Trader Joe's PB cups, but put them in the freezer!)

Best of luck! 

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  1. You're so right! It's better to toss it than be tempted! I did that back in October before I had surgery and was getting serious about losing weight. I had to! I didn't want it staring me in the face and me breaking down! Good tip!

  2. i do so much better when i just DONT have it in the house - great tip :)

  3. Pete and I don't even buy junk food anymore. We know that if it's in the apartment, we'll eat it. If we have to LEAVE to go get something it makes us think about it more and usually that helps. We stick to the perimeter of the grocery store as much as possible.

  4. I don't have no junk in my pantry. I have fiber bar and potion bars in there. Plus some soup and crackers. Also can fruit. Also some gluten pancake mix for when my friend come's over.

  5. My fiance would KILL me if I did this. So smart though...this week we had a bag of chips leftover from my fiance's bachelor party...that's what I went to town on the other night. Had it not been there I wouldn't have ate it! That's one thing we are good at - we usually keep no chips in the house, it's my downfall.

  6. ahhh i would love to but we dont even have junk in the house, lol. hubby is a bad snacker, and i can ignore bad food very easily in my pantry. its the junk out there in the world i have trouble ignoring (take out etc). sometimes i go out and buy a packet of (family size) chips and dip and they dont last more than one night in my home haha. bad me.

  7. Great advice, we just don't buy anything anymore, but luckily we aren't really snackers. I do like to have some of the Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, I can eat one and be happy if I have a major sweets craving :)

  8. fact: I have not bought PB cups in months now. RIP pb cups.

  9. Hahahaha. I got to the point where if I threw out any more junk food, my 7 year old was going to look for a new mom.

    So, I have MY drawer in the pantry, and then everyone else's drawers.

    If I went into their side, and tried to do this.. I'd be out of a family...

    However, I could throw away the Hershey Ice Pops I have hiding in the freezer.... Yeah.. I should do that!

  10. Oooh a surprise?! Alright, I am ready. Do I have to dump all of Noah's chocolate too? Haha! This is a good incentive to be good this weekend when I make my trip to Trader Joe's.... xoxo

  11. I bury my goodies at the bottom of the chest freezer. At least this way I get a work out from pulling out the 15lb turkey and ham out of the freezer and then putting it back in. Really makes one think about the desire for the item.

    1. That is an awesome way to handle goodies!

  12. I have really cleaned mine out over the last few months. I have been shopping the outer part of the grocery store for the most I just need to stick to portion control!!!! And maybe getting rid of a few "healthier" options that I could still find better alternatives for. But we already talked about all this.

  13. For the most part I have been really good about not buying junk when I hit the grocery store. It is so much easier to say no to the junk just one time rather than having to say no every time you see it in your kitchen. Now if only I could learn to say no to the Mountain Dew that keeps popping up in my cart!


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