Thursday, May 8, 2014

The First Summer

Last week the weather here in Portland was beautiful!

Sunny and in the 70/80's. Maxi skirts and sandals. Smiling faces and sunglasses. 

Iced coffee and sunroofs open. 

This sounds like bliss to many of you, but the past me used to be terribly afraid of unseasonal warm weather. It's like company coming over for dinner too early before you've finished with your hair and makeup - you're not ready for it. Just the thought of showing my winter body to the summer world usually scares me into an attempt at a quick-fix diet that more than anything leaves me low on energy and exhausted.

From first hand knowledge, summer is hard when you're carrying around some extra pounds and don't feel comfortable in your own skin. 

This year, thanks to taking my fitness journey one day at a time over the past few months - things are going to be different. 

This will be the first summer I look forward to 4th of July.
This will be the first summer I don't shy away from the swimming pool.
This will be the first summer I wear shorts to work (eek!) and do it stylishly (with wedges!)
This will be the first summer I don't go shopping for more light cardigans to cover up my arms. 
This will be the first summer I choose social workouts over daily patio happy hours.
This will be the first summer I allow my legs to be photographed. 

What about you, how are you going to do your summer differently this year?

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  1. Im not there yet but I hope its the first summer I can show my tummy again! I miss bikinis.

  2. I plan on this year being the first year I wore short more.

  3. Well hopefully this summer I will be living on the beach in FL, so I plan on rocking shorts and bikinis. I NEVER wear shorts haha.

  4. Last summer.. was my FIRST SUMMER. I had just dropped the first 50 pounds.. and I was just remembering what it felt like to be ME.

    This Summer, I am even more ENERGIZED about it. I am so much more FIT, than I HAVE EVER BEEN. Forget being SKINNY... I have muscles and definition... and the body that I used to beg God for.

    I even plan on wearing a bikini that I haven't worn since HIGH SCHOOL. GASP!

  5. I am so not there yet. Summer still is horrible because I don't feel comfortable in summer clothes. I look forward to the day when I can wear shorts and a tank without feeling like everyone is looking at me thinking I shouldn't be wearing that.

  6. way to freaking go lady! you rock all of the things, and i want a pic of the shorts and wedges ;) i would love to do that haha.
    but seriously? you're trying to make me cry today with both of your posts - i think i am just emotional today because i should not be tearing up over this. but you hit the nail on the head: scares me into an attempt at a quick-fix diet that more than anything leaves me low on energy and exhausted.
    the amount of times i have considered not eating (i know bad!!!) or eating really little just to make it hurry up... i never get far before i realise how stupid it is.. but agh. this part of the year always throws me for a loop. im never ready.

  7. This is an awesome list! Good for you! Same with me about the shorts. Gonna show those legs off and be proud!

  8. YOU GO GIRLIE!!! I love your attitude :)!

  9. I'm currently going through that dreaded "don't want to show off my winter body" during the summer. This is my first summer of being embarrassed with my body and I'm disappointed. I can't wait til I feel comfortable again in summer clothes and not embarrassed at the fact that my body has changed.

  10. Summer anxiety is real! I usually feel the same way about summer...worrying about having to cover things up. Not wanting to show my legs. Having panic attacked about social events that involve a pool or swim suit. I am not where I want to be this summer....but I keep working and hoping that it keeps getting better and hopefully next summer will be the one that I bare it all!

  11. Hopefully this 30-day leg challenge will help me to feel better about showing my legs this summer!!
    You're great motivation my friend!

  12. ugh shorts. leg workouts for dayz!

  13. I'm so proud of you, Jessi! I 'm so happy for you, too. I wish I could take body shaming away for all of us girls. Your Mom

  14. Yes to your sexy legs and wearing wedges! We can't wait to see you flaunt it! Your self confidence and positive body image is infectious and I hope you love that I am now sharing more selfies than ever with you (heh) because you have inspired MY confidence.

  15. I'm not there :( Maybe someday soon?

  16. I've been doing squats and using my resistance bands to get arm/leg ready. :)

  17. Cheers to summer! You are BEAUTIFUL :)

    I definitely need to get me some wedges and cute shorts too!

  18. I'm definitely hoping to be a little more confident this summer. I'll wear short shorts either way, but I definitely wouldn't mind if my legs looked nicer this year :D Got any awesome fat-blasting thigh workouts? They are my "trouble area" ha ha.


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