Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Fitness Confessions

You would think that coming up with confessions week after week here on the fitness blog would get tougher every time - but there's always something more that I'm keeping up my sleeve and haven't yet spouted to you in blog world!

Beginning this blog I though that it would be difficult to come up with new and exciting content, but week after week I continue to challenge myself with something new. Whether it's a different workout, youtube demo video(s) or inspiration from you guys -  this world of fitness changes each and every day!

This has nothing to do with these confessions - just my overjoy in the fact that there's so much to do, so much to learn and so many people out there with their own way of doing things.

Enough philosophy, let's get juicy with my confessions!

:: I haven't done a morning before work sweat in almost a month.
:: I skipped dance class yesterday so that I would have enough energy for my evening workout.
:: I've kind of fallen in love with the "Death by Beth" class!
:: I LOVE when people email me with their fitness story.
:: My newest favorite fitness instagram account is @prove_it. Check his videos out, now.
:: All I ate last night was meat & sriracha. Not even mad.
:: I get "kind of" sweaty when I work out hard. Do you agree?

Who said you can't work out from home?

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  1. I love the fitness confessions. I don't sweat that much either when I work out or at all in general. I guess that's a good thing though.

  2. I get lots of sweaty when I work out. My gym is stuffed full of people and gets hot in there really quick. I don't mind it though...

  3. i skipped my morning sweat sesh this morning. was just way too tired. i love how i feel when i do it, but i also love being able to sleep...

  4. the only time i sweat a lot is outside when its hot. boo. im working my butt off in the gym, no sweat. 5 mins after i get out of the shower, drying my hair = sweat city. gross.
    i love my morning workouts, haha. yay for loving the death by beth class!

  5. I was that sweaty this morning from doing Insanity pure carido and Turbo Fire Hit 25. Its ok to skip a workout here and there.

  6. Holy sweat, hahahaaha!!!!!!! I'm a big sweater, too!

  7. Your ability to sweat during a work out is a feat in itself!

  8. I'm not a big sweat person, it's so weird, I sweat everywhere but my face haha!

  9. Meat and Siracha? YUM!
    You don't need to be sorry.. that sounds awesome! hahaha

    Death by Beth has you smitten? That's AWESOME!


    Happy Wednesday

  10. Beth has turned you into a believer! I'm glad you're still going to the death class!

  11. anything with the name death in it must be a pretty killer workout.

  12. lmfao. "kind of"

    also also also you better have all the meats and sriracha when I come

  13. I sweat the worst on my back and chest, ha ha.

  14. Was that really sweat?? I swear I need the wide eyed emoji for this comment. I probably have never sweat that much. Clearly Im doing the WRONG workout!

  15. I sweat buckets during cardio and leg work outs. Buckets!!

    A work out with death in it would probably quite literally kill me....

  16. That workout had "death" in the title.. You're a beast. And skinny, sweaty beast.


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