Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm Not An Expert

I hope that I didn't give off the impression with yesterday's post that I have abs. 

I don't. 

I mean they're under there somewhere and they're a little tight today, but I have a ways to go until I can see them if I'm not flexing, sucking in and taking a morning photo. I'm not sure I even want that, but it never hurts to try. 

Each time I responded to a comment with a "Hey, by the way, I don't have abs" I felt like I needed to submit a retraction. Like all thoughts about the way I can blog differently - it inspired a post. 

A confessions post on the things that I want to clear up for those of you who are amazing and have followed me over the past month.

I am not an expert. 
I am a girl on a fitness/lifestyle/happiness/discovery journey (just like you).
I can't plank more than 2 minutes.
I'm not certified in anything fitness related.
I have "trouble areas" too.
I do like 'bad foods' too, I just choose to not eat them.
Some days I don't sweat, that's okay.
I can't do a perfect push-up.
I am still on the hunt for my soulmate workout.
I don't count calories or weigh the ounces of food I eat.
I don't always hit my 100oz water goal and can be better at that.
I do sleep in on the weekends and I do love it. 
I don't fitness shame - no matter what level of fitness you're at.

Again, I am not an expert. 

Thanks for listening to a girl who tells it as she knows it from her point of view!

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  1. I definitely do not have abs, and I really need to exercise that whole not going to the fridge/pantry to grab a snack every ten minutes thing.

  2. My abs are hiding under a layer of brownies. Oops?!?!

  3. girl, you're the sweetest thing. so honest ;) i used to count calories, but unfortunately I started getting obsessed and = bad. anyway.

  4. I love this!! SO honest and relatable! Thats why people will love this blog because its inspiration to do better but you dont have to be perfect yet!

  5. I think this is why people love reading your blog. You're relatable and on a journey just like us!

  6. You're so honest and that's why I love reading your blog!

  7. It's called a treadmill.. ENJOY. That GIF made me snarf my tea.

    Your posts are positive, and don't give the impression that you are an expert!
    I personally find them motivating.

    OH... I planked for 1 minute 38 seconds today.. and I think I died after... or at least laid on the floor at the Y for another minute.... or so.


    Happy Wednesday

  8. You're not an expert but you're an amazing person. Seriously. Taking the time out of your day to connect the way that you do with your readers (because I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that connection) means a lot. Sharing your knowledge in fitness and healthy living is greatly appreciated. And I actually really love that you are just like me and not an expert.

  9. Love this! Even if you aren't an expert you are pretty fantastic!

  10. counting calories is booboo. eating healthy is not booboo. and if it makes you feel any better i am certified and yet i feel like i still don't know anything so there's that.... so much knowledge to learn

  11. Ive always joked that I have rock hard abs - hiding under the moss! Moss on rocks! haaaaaaaa!

  12. i don't know how people count calories all the time. i feel like that is such a burden and is so limiting. but i also have a love/hate relationship with paleo too. gah!

  13. Amen to all of that! No fitness regimen is perfect and everyone is a work in progress. Thank you for admitting it!

  14. It's a never ending journey ... Good news is It gets better as you get older :)

  15. There is sooooo much out there to learn in terms of fitness and nutrition...then there is all this fad crap that you have to root through as well. I would say you are doing one heck of a job for not being an "expert!" I will listen to anyone who wants to talk about fitness and health.

  16. I know what it is about you that makes you so inspiring and motivating (even if those cookies tempt me a little harder with each horrible push up). You are so honest and humble. It doesn't feel like I'm reading a post from someone who is a trainer god. Like you said you are on a journey still and, someone like me can take comfort in that. I hate getting ready to start a work out and some one who is already fit, starts squatting an ungodly amount of weights. Personally, it's not motivating to me, it makes me feel worthless, then I get all down and give up... I need some one to go on a fitness journey with me to keep me motivated so we can hold each other accountable, and help push each other through those last five. Does that mean I don't want it bad enough because I'm not self motivated?

  17. I can totally plank for like, ever... oh wait you meant the exercise, not the 2011 photo pose craze? oops :)

  18. I have accepted that I will never have visible abs!

  19. I love reading you blog b/c you tell it how it is. I do count my calories but some day I go over them. Special on the weekend.


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