Friday, May 30, 2014


Huge confession to make:

I haven't worked out since Monday.

Not a single sweat was had, not a single weight was lifted, not a single groove thang was shaken. That's probably normal for many of you to have a 3 day break but not me - fitness is a way of life and I feel a little incomplete without a new sweaty selfie to share with you today.

It's not a rut that I'm in, but just busier hours at work and a little more on my plate that make it difficult to escape for a workout and some days even difficult to escape for a lunch. 

It says that right in the header of this blog, right? A 20-something seeking ways to find balance between work and a happy healthy life. Seeing that this "more work" thing is going to be the new norm - you'll be hearing more and more about the ways that I cope with a long work day, early mornings and late evenings. Things like packing lunches, shorter and more meaningful workouts and even the "sneaky workout".

My first recommendation - get more rest. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Sorry to hear you have a crazy work hours. Since we confessing things. I didn't do Insanity on Wednesday. Due to I was tired but I did do a 10 minute cardio trainer. Hope you can get some much needed rest in this weekend

  2. I hate weeks like that, I haven't been able to workout as much this week either :(

  3. i look forward to more time management tips and what not. i really let work get in the way of working out sometimes, so nice to know im not alone. hope work is less crazy soon!


    I understand, I am secretly hating that Summer Vacation is coming up for Emry, that will mean that my workouts will be cut in half for the entire 8 weeks of summer. And I know I won't sweat NEARLY as much as I like to.

    But, you have a great mindset, and you'll stay on track!

    Keep being AWESOME!

  5. yeeeeah girl you sneak in those workouts

  6. I skipped my work out to this morning to play the new Mario Kart 8 game....thats totally legit, right?! It was just shoulder

    Have a great weekend!

  7. My new sneaky workout: squats in my cubicle in the morning before anyone gets there. Booyah. Also: summer dance fest at my gym tonight! 1/2 hour of Pound followed by 1/2 hour of zumba. Can't wait to start my weekend off sweaty! Happy weekend- hope you get some relaxing!

  8. Im sure you're going to figure it out and I cant wait to read about how you juggle it!

  9. totally judging you ;)

    just kidding! it's okay to take a break...i'm sure you've been eating well anyways!

  10. honestly, your body probably appreciates the rest! a few days off never hurt anyone, in fact they can often make the next workouts better! not go take your friday afternoon 'nap' and by that i mean bedtime

  11. I'll admit that my eyebrows went up into my hairline when I read this! Rest is always good though :)

  12. I'm looking foward to seeing how you cope with a busier work schedule. I remember telling myself in college that I was "too busy" to get a workout in. But boy was I wrong. It's all about time management and making the most of the time you have available.

    Best of luck adjusting to your new schedule.

  13. Everyone needs to put gas in their tank and that means rest, too.
    Rest! Nourish! Rest!

  14. I really didn't get a sweaty selfie from you this week?! Wow it went by fast! Happy Weekend!


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