Monday, May 12, 2014

Loving the Process

The more I think about it, the more I like this long fitness journey of life that I'm on. 

Sure, the amazing thing would be to have quick results and my dream body in less than a month. It's that which I've unhealthily sought out several times in my life, and always paid for it with more pounds back and less confidence in my ability to really live a healthy life. 

This time around my approach toward the whole "weight loss thing" is different. 

I've chosen to work smarter, not harder. I've chosen to make lifestyle changes, not quick fixes. I've chosen to toss out what I used to think I knew about fitness (run more, run farther!) and instead continue to find ways to enjoy sweating (dance class!) and how to build a stronger and more efficient body (weight lifting/T25!). 

What's been so rewarding and satisfying about this approach has been the surprising things that happen while I haven't been concerned with the number on a scale.

Just a little over a month ago I remember sending a snapchat to some friends confessing that it was the first time I'd worn a tank top in public in my adult life. That feeling of success was unlike anything I'd felt in a long time because the symbolism of wearing something that revealed one of my more insecure spots gave me reassurance that my system was working. 

The "process" has taught me patience. 

The "process" has taught me that there's some places in life where you don't want to take short-cuts. 

The "process" has taught me to not panic and fret over progress.

The "process" has taught me that a lot of little victories add up to big victories if you give them time. 

On that note, this weekend had two big successes.

1. The loose waist fit on a form-fitting tank top.
2. Successful execution of a tricep push-up (just one, but it's a big step for me)

Yes, mom and dad - I took some selfies downstairs in your bathroom, the lighting was good.

What I'm saying is that I like being surprised by these results that I'm not really "searching" for. The results that come from working one day at a time doing things that I know make me a healthier and happier person. Eating right, drinking water and sweating because I love it - not because I have to do it.

What choices are you making toward being a healthier and happier you?

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  1. I love loose fit tops - they are much better to work out it :)

  2. You're working hard! Love those insane sweat SnapChats! You push yourself and the results are showing!

  3. Keep up the great work. A loose fitting top is a an awesome thing. And so is a tricep pushup, woop woop.

  4. this is so awesome! yay for tricep push ups (yep im saying yay on both blogs because it is awesome and i cant even do a proper push up.. ok, i can but not well) and that tank top looks fabulous on you lady. this is such a great post, you are so motivating! i am such a 'quick fix' kind of person but it literally has never worked, because i normally crash and burn on the first day. i realise i am not gonna lose 15 lbs before we go to australia, but i can still get back on the wagon and work out as much as possible and eat as healthy as i can. no reason to throw it all to the curb, which is what i would have done a few years ago. it was all or nothing for me. anyway, now im rambling.
    yay Jess!

  5. This is the way to do it! Sustainable. :) Keep truckin'!!!! :D

  6. I love this post! I love how you are totally committed to being healthy and fit. and LOVING IT!

    The process has taught me similar things..

    But, it taught me that I really can LOVE me... from the inside out.


  7. Looking good girl! You know my thoughts on the gradual life long changes ;)

  8. Well well well....look at you rocking out with your fitness out on a Monday.

    I am working on the patience part of my journey. That is the hardest one...

  9. but for reals, tri push-ups are no joke! go you.

  10. congrats on your process. I have been watching what I have been eat. Also working out 6 day a week. 3 days a week running. The other 3 a beach body workout.

  11. Healthy on Purpose, Hot by Accident ... J Seib
    So proud of you!

  12. That's so great that you put on that tank top! Get some sun on those shoulders! I understand a lot of what you're saying cause I am doing the slow progress right now too and its hard but slow progress is still progress. Way to stay after it!!

  13. Woohoo I'm loving this! You go girl you look great! As you know its an uphill battle for me (particularly tummy fat) so In not sure If Ill ever be able to share a long shot but for now I'm trusting the process!

  14. Lookin' good in that tank top girlfriend!! Keep on rockin' it!

  15. I'm looking forward to the day that I love the process. It's always hard for me to remember that the little victories add up to bigger ones over time. I want the big victories and I want them now!


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