Thursday, May 1, 2014

Water Drinking Tips from the Pros

Two weeks ago I asked for your help on how to drink more water throughout the day and you had suggestions!

Here are your tips and tricks that I've been sampling to see what works for me:

:: Use self-challenges. For example, "finish this bottle before my coworker comes back from a meeting" or "Have 3 bottles before lunch". Also - I hate cold water, give me all the tap water.Kristen

:: For me, drinking out of a bottle makes a huge difference. I have one of those Contigo Waterbottles with the straw and now I finish three of those bottles before I leave work! - Jen

:: I try to swap Cold and Hot water choices. I'll have 16 oz of Ice cold Water.. then next is Decaf Green Tea.... It makes me want to drink the next 16 ounces of Cold water. So, usually 10 ounces of Green tea.. I do this 2 or 3 times a day.... It works for me. - Kateri

:: Put aminos in your water every other time you fill up. Healthy delicious juice basically. Makes drinking water way easier. - Sarah

:: Fruit in yo water! Lemon slices all day! Apple slices! Orange slices! Grapefruit! - Marisa

:: What helps me is I have a bubba 32oz mug that has a straw. You can change the straw out to fun color. - Amy

:: I bring a fun tumbler cup from home and keep that thing full of water. I try to make it a point to get up once an hour or hour and a half and use the restroom and refill my water. By doing that, I get my recommended daily amount in basically at work. - Nadine

:: I aim for half a gallon by noon-1PM and then I have the rest of the afternoon/evening to get in the other half. I've found it's easier if I knock out the first half earlier in the day. I feel less pressured in the evening. - Jordan

:: Get an ulcer (she didn't really say this, but kind of.) - Amanda

THE single most helpful thing that came out of this post was finding a community full of awesome bloggers / instagrammers and snapchatters who keep me accountable daily on my 80-100 ounces goal.

Every single day I have ladies who are telling me how they're doing on their water that day, racing me and being honest that they're slacking. I've noticed being more mindful of my water intake and really owe it all to you guys. Comment below if you want in on the fun!

Although, if you've seen my sweaty selfies you know that I should probably add another 20oz. to my day because I drip sweat.

My face sweats, my arms sweat, my shins sweat. My eyeballs sweat.

It's beautiful.

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  1. sweat is the best. i've been putting mint, lemon and lime in my water all week, it's great!

  2. WOO HOO on drinking more water. In 2 weeks my house goes thru 15 gallons of water. Which mostly me drinking it. Due to my hubby won't give up his Dr. Pepper.

  3. WOOHOO water is I'm now lugging an 101.4 fluid oz jug and trying to get through it every day. Water yum!

  4. Bahahahahahahahahhahah! That was definitely the gist of it! ;P
    I like the idea of swapping cold and hot... never would've thought of that!!!!

  5. Thank you for all the tips! I definitely want in! I need motivation/accountability. I totally suck at drinking water on my own!

  6. I have a Bubba with a straw I keep on my desk at work.I drink so much water because of it.

  7. I'm a fan of water bottles with the built-in straw is well. Mine is 1/2 gallon (so I try to get 2 in per day...usually more) and I add lemon slices and cucumbers + drink by water filtered because I'm a snob and it tastes better :P

    Definitely didn't drink enough yesterday though...I'm feeling it this morning.

  8. sweat is beautiful. eyeballs sweating is not good. jk.
    um, can i blush a little that you included something i said - and linked me? i feel so speshal.
    also, 'get an ulcer' i laughed so freaking hard and then finished a bottle of water.
    peace out girly.

  9. lol I like how Amanda gets her water in! Only cool people sweat.

  10. i drink way more when i have my water bottle with me as opposed to just a cup

  11. :)

    It is beautiful! Keep rocking on!

  12. I need a better plan than "tomorrow I'm going to drink a lot of water" ... :)


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