Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Death by Beth

Today I'm going to step out of the ugly comfort zone and try a new workout class at work. 

Since I work at a sports and fitness company, the average classes are taught by some of the best instructors in the area - so "at work" doesn't make it any easier like you'd imagine.

Today I'm trying a class called 'Sculpt' but more widely known by the fit people who take it as "Death by Beth".

Fun right?


Three months ago I thought it was a huge leap of faith to get my non-graceful self into Zumba / Group Groove dance classes and find some rhythm in my hips. It's going to be another story to get in a room next to people who do burpees for fun (like Brooke) and probably all go for 7 mile runs as a shake-out after the class.

Since I'm on the epic quest to find my soulmate workout, I feel like it's important to sample as many new fitness endeavors as I can!

If I can get it done while I'm on the clock at work then I'm a happy girl.

A few things that will help me prepare for battle:

:: Pack an outfit I feel comfortable in.

Look good, feel good. I've always lived my this motto and have always known that confidence is my secret weapon.

:: Drink plenty of water in the morning.

Hydrate for success. Keep me accountable (with Kay) by using #100ouncesADay on twitter or instagram.

:: No morning coffee.

It dehydrates me and it makes me have the nervous potties. Not a good combo.

:: Invite people!! 

Seriously, I won't chicken out if I'm meeting a partner there.

:: Move to the FRONT of the class. 

It can be scary but it's the best thing to do if you're a beginner so that you can see everything the instructor is doing. Also, you're closer to the mirror so you can evaluate if you're doing the moves right.

:: Not worry about what everyone else is doing.

Go at my own place and not worry about this guy:

If you don't hear from me Thursday you know that I was a victim of 'Death by Beth'. 

Or maybe I just couldn't lift my arms to the keyboard to type. You'll just have to wait and see.

I'm going to say these are confessions just so I can link up!

 photo JessiFitPdxmesig.png


  1. I love your double confessions. And how the hell is that guy in that gif doing that? Like seriously tho ...

  2. I am distracted by that last gif. How in the world?

  3. new classes always scare the shit out of me - so hard for me to go without a partner in crime!

  4. Good luck at Death by Beth!! that front of the class gif is perfection

  5. Death by Beth... oh jeez... I'd try it.. ONCE.... Just to see what it was like!!

    The GIFs MADE this post!

    Especially the Elmo one, I keep watching it and giggling...

  6. I can only work out in groups at the back of the class. I just can't do the front. I'm a wimp! Can't wait to hear how Death by Beth goes!

  7. that list gif intimidates the shit out of me. good luck, full report expected!

  8. I've been getting a lot more water lately... but only because I've been forbidden to drink pop. Does that still count?! ;P

  9. I always feel the need to be in the back of any class, or dance. Like this weekend at the wedding everyone was doing the wobble and I was like oh my gotta be in the back. I forgot that you keep turning and somehow I ended up in the front....to the back I wobbled once again haha.

    Good luck! I dont trust people who do burpees for fun.

  10. Good luck with the class! I really need to get my butt to some type of class... it's the whole reason I joined the gym!

  11. Pretty envious that you get to take workout classes at your work, and by pretty envious I mean really freaking envious. Good luck with the class! Coffee has that same effect on me, but why does coffee have to taste SO good?

  12. oh god and he is wearing barefoot shoes. that guy is the worst. ew.

  13. Good luck with Sculpt! I wouldn't touch that classroom with a 10' pole if the nickname for it is Death by Beth. No thanks!

    And that last gif??? NUTS.

  14. I would want to be in the back! hah. And I seriously don't know how that guy does that.


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