Monday, April 14, 2014

Productivity Worth Celebrating

Welcome back to Monday!

This weekend I felt crazy productive toward my health and fitness goals and I want to share some of the work I did. To many that probably means "oh, she worked out for five hours and made some food." Wrong! That's not what it means at all!

Sure, the old me would have put in four hours of weekend running, maybe 20 minutes of stretching and possibly a shortcut on some meal prep with some pre-cooked meats. Not this new girl you see.

Here's some things I did this weekend for me (and only me!)

+ Only two 30 minute sweat sessions (21 Day Fix Cardio & T25 Total Body Circuit)
+ Got to see this pretty lady who I go way back with!
+ My daily dose of dense nutrition in smoothie form (don't be afraid of Spinach, kids.)

+ Foam rolled those weary leg muscles of mine
+ Treated myself to a pedicure
+ Switched back and forth between two books I'm loving - Push and The Paleo Coach
+ Read these books out in the sun!!
+ Had a little mirror flex sesh but this happens every day

+ Laundry (is it a fitness problem to have to do a full sweaty load per week?)
+ Started keeping a "To-Do" List to keep myself more organized in blogging, social media & workouts.
+ Massive round of meal prep including my very favorite, Paleo Meatloaf

And last but not least, I was lights-out in bed on Sunday night by 9pm!

See? There's much more to health and wellness than just working out - although a little sweat never hurts!

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  1. Good job girlfriend! I've been considering tailoring my half marathon training to something that will be more attainable for me to keep up with rather than trying to run 5-7 miles multiple times a week in this heat. I also want to start incorporating more of the Tone It Up videos once their April Bikini Series Chellenge starts up, so I definitely need to be more conservative with my runs!

    P.S. I want your meatloaf recipe!

  2. Nice! I'm so impresssed with your productive weekend!

  3. Spinach smoothies are my favorite. Some people are all smoothies aren't meals blah blah blah but if you have spinach, fruit and protein in your morning is a complete meal and better than having a bowl of oatmeal!!!

    You go with your organized self!!!

  4. Awesome job! I wish I had your sun this weekend. It was gloomy here all weekend and rainy. And now it snowed! Winter just won't let go.

  5. Look at you go! So impressive...and I love me a good spinach smoothie
    - Tracey @ Just a Trace

  6. Things I love that you did this weekend: pedicures (I need one! definitely making it happen this month), to-do lists, early bedtimes, and quick workouts!

  7. i played on my balcony a lot when i wasn't inside for ted talks.

  8. I completely agree that getting pedicures is good for your health - mental health is definitely a huge part of overall health! Life always feels better with to-do lists; they make me feel so organized and accomplished as I check them off!

  9. So productive friend!! You're seriously kicking butt right now.
    And that meatloaf?! LOOKS delish!

  10. Of all of these, I'm most jealous about the 9PM bed time! #olbiddyprobs

  11. WOW, you are awesome!! Keep it up, lady!

  12. Ok I read "flex sesh" as "sex flesh" and had to re-read it a couple of times before my dyslexic brain understood what you wrote hahaha.

  13. Wow, care to share some of that productivity? Way to go!!


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