Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mind Over Measurements

Readers, meet Jessi.

Jessi is an active, health-conscious working female who loves all of the beautiful things this life has to offer. She's single, not currently dating and has found all of the happiness that she needs within herself through personal development and some self "housekeeping". She finds happiness in sharing herself with those who want to hear her story because she's found that it gives others the comfort to reach out to her to seek that same happiness. She can do anything as long as she believes and decides to succeed

Okay, so you caught me - I am Jessi (hi!!) 

That exercise to describe myself in the third person was a mind-check to see where my head was at. Usually when I embark on a fitness journey and don't wake up with my dream body after Day 5 I can get a little discouraged.  Don't you?

I mean you're putting in all of this time, doing all of the right things like meal planning, drinking your water, working out every single day when you'd rather not and you see the sweat. It's real. You are seeing results - but not the kind you want to see. Not the sexy victories you want to scream from your Facebook status like "I lost 10 pounds!" or "I dropped a pants size!". 

I know because I've been there. I want tangible results, too! I want real metrics that other people understand to mean success. I could spew all day about how I have become strong enough to do ten slow and quality push ups consecutively - but people don't see that as success because they don't know that I started from only two. 

The reason why this fitness journey is different is that I'm working on my mind in tandem with my body. I'm reading personal development books about goal setting, habit forming, relationship building and loving yourself enough to make a difference in your life. I'm setting realistic goals and working backwards on what I need to do day by day to achieve those goals. 

I'm reaching out to people who I see doing good in their life that I want to get to know better. I'm even getting approached by these people on their own desires because they're sharing that incredible moment of peace with themselves and see that I'm doing something that brings me genuine happiness.

Focus on your mind over your measurements. If you're getting discouraged I'd like to recommend the book "Push" by Chalene Johnson into your reading list. Find it at your local library and get your head in the right place so that you can appreciate the body that you're working so hard to achieve. 

I'd also like to mention that it felt pretty damn amazing to be able to sit out in my driveway in a lawn chair - sleeveless and in shorts.

And I'm not talking about the weather. 

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  1. Great post girlie! Sometimes it's even more hard to get our mind right than our body. We do need to appreciate what we have, but also understand how much more we can do.


  2. This is awesome and I'm totally the girl that gets upset when the scale doesn't go down after I've been working so hard!! But you're right - you just have to push through and keep doing all the right things...and treat our bodies that way they deserve to be treated...not abuse them!

  3. Love this post! It is so very true that we want tangible results that when you share them with others they think you're being successful in your journey without having to explain where you came from. Saying I can run/walk 2.26 miles and not feel like death at the end wouldn't seem like much if you didn't know where I started from. But I know that I'm seeing results and that those tangible ones will follow. Until then I'm going to keep plugging along and I'm going to put that book on my reading list!

  4. Truth! That's what I've been focusing on lately for myself too and it makes the whole process so much more sustainable and enjoyable!

  5. My favorite part has been seeing the muscle being defined in my arm! I want strength now :)

  6. I 100% agree girl! Once I stopped being validated by the number on the scale and by how strong I was getting and the results I was seeing......I haven't stepped on a scale in months!

  7. I always, always need to hear this! I get so hung up on the numbers that I forget that I'm doing ALL the right things and making progress. LOVE this post AND this blog :)

  8. I love this so much! It IS such a mindf*ck when you're putting in the work at the gym every day of the week, eating clean, and you get about a week or two in and the scale hasn't changed much. But, wait, your clothes are fitting better, you're sleeping better, and you have more energy! These are things the scale can't measure and we have to always remember these things!

  9. Awesome post and something I needed to hear. It's so easy to get caught in the numbers game!

  10. I just love this. This is what I have been working on with myself over the last two months. Really focusing on all the good that I am changing and not paying any attention to the number on the scale. I focus on my little victories like having to purchase heavier weights because I am too strong for the lighter ones, lasting a little longer in cardio, seeing my muscles in my arms start to form again. Those are the true things to be proud of!

  11. if you build it they will come... wait i mean... if you put the work in, results will come :)

  12. OMG yes. You're such a rockstar.
    Also, I'm on glass 6 OF MY WATER TODAY. I didn't forget ;)

  13. oh my god i need all of this so badly. one second I want a six pack and the next second i'm eating an entire bag of jellybeans totaling 1,260 calories. I JUST DID THAT. Please come to DC and kick my ass into gear. I need an intervention.

  14. This was just what I needed.
    You sound like a star to me right now.

  15. I LOVE THIS!! I feel like i have been getting discouraged by not seeing results as quickly as i'd like.

    I just need to focus and keep truckin' along!


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