Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fitness Journey Confessions

Happy Wednesday, my fitness friends!

Something I love doing on my other blog is Wednesday "Humpday Confessions". It's an opportunity to wash myself of all the dirty little secrets I keep in my sweaty 3rd day hair and present it in a humorous manner. Some days it's a gif party, others it's a list load - some days you're going to get one long and lean post about just one topic.

If we're clear on the rules, how about we jump right in?

+ This Jolly Rancher Lollipop (from Valentine's Day) is not Paleo.

+ Some days I don't want to work out either, but I often find the motivation in my "Why" to do it.

+ I'm one of the worst at drinking my daily quota of water. Tips on how to, please?

+ Sometimes I can come across as fitness obsessed - I'm really just life obsessed!

+ I realize now how much time I wasted in four prime years of my life focusing on only running.

+ I'm tempted by office sweets, too.

+ I think dance class is my soul-mate workout. However, I couldn't do it in heels.

+ I can't do all of the push-ups in my workout DVD's but I'm getting there (little by little, day by day)

+ I'm the annoying co-worker who takes a section of the fridge with my prepped lunches.

+ I like to sweat. Oh wait, you knew that already.

Want to play along next week?

Linking up with my fitness inspiration, Kathy
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  1. tell me more about t25 - worth purchasing?

    1. I would like to know about this t25 too!

  2. when i first started, i couldn't do shit for pushups but over time, i got stronger and better and now i can crank them out like nobody's bidness whether they're standard or plyo or plainass tony horton crazy. give it time and YOU WILL DO IT. i love that you're jizzing fitness all the live long day.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. im the same with the lunches, lol. as for water... i just keep a bottle next to me (a doctor who water bottle that i really love looking at... lol) and make myself drink it. sometimes with little challenges. like, i have to finish this bottle before so and so comes back from the meeting. or i have to have 3 bottles before lunch. and i hate cold water, give me all the tap water.

  4. I LOVE that you have a clip from Heavy Weights! I haven't seen that movie in ages!
    I used to be TERRIBLE at drinking water too. But I made it my New Years Resolution this year. For me, drinking out of a bottle makes a huge difference. I have one of those Contigo Waterbottles with the straw and now I finish three of those bottles before I leave work!

  5. I wish I were fitness obsessed!

  6. Hey I found you over at Fitness Blondie's Blog hop!

    I love the idea of a Hump Day Confession.. I may have to steal this...

    * Tips on drinking more water... I try to swap Cold and Hot water choices. Like, I will hate 16 ounces of Ice cold Water.. then my next is Decaff Green Tea.... It makes me want to drink the next 16 ounces of Cold water. So, usually 10 ounces of Green tea.. I do this 2 or 3 times a day.... It works for me.

    * I LOVE THAT YOU ARE LIFE OBSESSED. :) Fitness and Health are about LIFE. Exactly Love this!

    * My office, is located right next to the break room.. that I store my pre-packaged meals in... There is always temptation there... sometimes even crock pots... The smells are tortuous!

    I can't wait to read more from you!

  7. wait are those tubs just one day's worth of food?

  8. I struggle with the water thing too. I have to constantly remind myself to drink from the tumbler that is on my desk in front of my face all day. Put a Mountain Dew in that same place and I'll sip that baby all day long.

  9. Put aminos in your water every other time you fill up. Healthy delicious juice basically. Makes drinking water way easier.

  10. Fruit in yo water! Lemon slices all day! Apple slices! Orange slices! Grapefruit!

  11. I have a hard time doing push up too. I drink at least 32oz of water a day. Most day more then that. What help me is I have a bubba 32oz mug that has a straw. You can change the straw out to fun color.

  12. I can't do all the push ups either. I end up doing a lot of knee push ups. One day!

    I sit at a desk basically all day. I bring a fun tumbler cup from home and keep that thing full of water. I try to make it a point to get up once an hour or hour and a half and use the restroom and refill my water. By doing that, I get my recommended daily amount in basically at work. Anything I have at home is just bonus!

  13. I haaaate drinking plain water. I'm forced to right now b/c of the whole ulcer debacle and it SUCKS. But maybe it'll leave me with better habits??

  14. UGH once my finances are back in order post wedding, I NEED To invest in T25 :) And hell to the yes! Life obsessed!!! :D I do have issues with motivating myself to go to the gym though when I just need a nap after work haha.

  15. Dance classes are my soulmate workouts too. I wonder if i COULD do it in heels? Might have to try that one at home ;)

  16. I used to be useless at drinking a decent amount of water, but somehow I managed to push myself into it. Now if I'm not constantly drinking it, I'm thirsty all the time.
    I'm terrible at push-ups. The worst thing is, I know this, so I'm slowly giving up on them, rather than trying to get better at them. (I guess that was my humpday confession.)

  17. I have trouble remembering to drink water too! I realize around 4 I have only drank half the bottle and chugging it before having to leave work.

  18. Hey Jessi!! Oh my gosh! Will power!! I would have so went for the cupcake lol! ;P XOXO


  19. never stop sending me sweaty selfies because little by little i feel like they motivate me to get off my ass. and also make me realize im not the only sweaty betch out there.

  20. I aim for half a gallon by noon-1PM and then I have the rest of the afternoon/evening to get in the other half. I've found it's easier if I knock out the first half earlier in the day. I feel less pressured in the evening. I'm pretty sure my coworkers constantly wonder if I'm knocked up with how much I run to the restroom! Also, some days I just don't feel as thirsty. If I can hit 3/4 of a gallon, that's good enough for me.

  21. Please share the water tips once you have them :)

  22. I hate how when I was younger (I was in karate) and I could do push ups like nobody's business, now I am lucky if I can do half of a push up. I've turned into such a freaking pansy!


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