Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paleo Cooking Confessions

Are you here for some quality humpday confessions?

Good - because I'm about to share some pretty good ones about my paleo lifestyle and my prowess (or lack thereof) in the kitchen!

Me in the kitchen in one word: disaster
I'm great at following directions but I'm pretty bad at caring enough to follow them. 

One of the main things that I love about Paleo is that it's pretty hard to mess up meats and vegetables. I don't buy much variety so I don't have to learn how to prepare all the different kinds of dishes with dozens of ingredients to keep on hand.

My real only focus while cooking is looking cute.

And if I can't look cute, it's important that what I've got cooking looks cute.

Just kidding, I'd never do that!

To be honest I'm pretty boring with the range of foods that I eat. I get asked all the time if I get tired of the same lunch or the same dinner options. Truth talk? No! I love the way I feel when I'm getting my meats and vegetables and it really takes all of the decision making out of my hands because I only know how to prepare a few things anyway.

(this gif has nothing to do with anything... except for everything.)

The foods I eat make me happy and I know what I'm putting into my body at any given time - so no label checking in my world!

Just don't judge me for my smoke detector -

Or the silly dance I do while I wait for my meatloaf.

What are some of your cooking confessions??? I'm sure you have some good ones! 

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  1. dude those lettuce wrap things look clutch! one of my cooking confessions is that i never poke holes in sweet potatoes before microwaving them - they always bounce and vibrate around like they are going to explode. #lazy

  2. i confess that i watched that guy ripping off the apron longer than i care to admit. he can cook in my kitchen any time, and by kitchen, i obviously mean my vagina.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. That man gif is amazing! I love it! He can come cook for me...don't tell my husband ;)

  4. My confession is that I'm staring at that shirtless man gif at my work computer while I should be working...

  5. hahahaha that last gif. holy crapola that man gif, excuse me while i freshen up...
    anywho - i am seriously so bland and boring when it comes to food, i can eat the same lunch for 2 weeks and not bat an eye. im so picky when i find something i like, i eat the shit out of it. people think im nuts. i probably am.

  6. Cooking Confessions.... It takes a lot of effort for me to follow a recipe to the T... I always think.. I could ADD THIS... or THIS... and then I realize that I have deviated from the Healthy Aspect of the meal.

  7. I don't follow a Paleo diet, but I do eat the same thing for lunches and dinners and breakfasts every week. It varies from week to week, but within that week it's the same.

  8. My smoke detector went off last week while I was baking my chicken breasts. Nothing was burning though so I'm not sure what the problem was. It's happened more than once now and is just a huge irritant with me. Thankfully I now know that there is a hush button on it so I can turn it off rather than wait for it to stop making noise on its own.

  9. HA two confessions posts and this one is funny too! Also when I even try to cook I try to look cute too!

  10. I have a paleo cooking confession, but you already know this one. Cooking the same things all the time is boring! I want to learn how to cook a variety of different things, but paleo is so limiting I feel like.

  11. The man gif is the best ha. I also love the meat loaf dance.

  12. I hate using the wood cutting board b/c I have to clean it. I rather use a plastic one that I can't throw in the dishwasher. I will say these last couple of week I have been getting better at using the wood cutting board. Also I didn't know how to cook on a gas stove until last year. Let just say I love it so much better then a electric stove.

  13. i made the smoke detector go off on Friday. whoopsies.

  14. 1. Those lettuce wraps look great
    2. You need to post your meatloaf recipe! (Or have you and I missed it?)

    My confession? I never follow a recipe. If I don't have something I just eliminate it lol and I never measure things. Sometimes it's okay...sometimes it's not.

  15. My smoke detector is there purely to cheer me on while I've got the grill on. I'm pretty sure that's what it's doing. Like "Woah, you're grilling that chicken so well, keep it up!"
    I'm not great at following directions. Usually I'm too lazy to read them properly, so I think I'm doing something right until after I'm finished. It's usually alright though.

  16. I stink at cooking. My smoke detector goes off a lot. To the point where my kids tell their friends, "My Mom is cooking right now, don't worry if the smoke detector goes off, it happens a lot.."

  17. I have a sign in my kitchen that my sister bought me that says "Dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off." While I rarely burn is still hilarious! If I really like something, I can eat it multiple times. But I tend to wear myself out on some things and cant eat them for awhile because I have them too often.

    I might have looked at the guy in the apron a little longer than I should have. Yes, please!

  18. Bahahahahaahaaaaaaaa! Meatloaf dance! Classic!

  19. My cooking confession is I start following the directions but then deem steps 3-9 unnecessary and end up botching the whole thing.

    Love that man gif!!

  20. Benjamin McKenzie is gorgeous.. When I first started watching The O.C. I would joke that I was going to marry him so that I would be McKenzie McKenzie ha ha. My only cooking confession is that I freaking love cooking and baking, and I'm not half bad!

  21. HA! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who cooks the same few meals. I'm over here: shredded chicken, rice, vegetable. Or spaghetti. Or I go to Chipotle. The only thing I switch up is the sauce I use on my chicken. Living the adventurous life here =)


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