Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paleo Meatloaf

If you were here yesterday for humpday you now know that I claim I'm a horrible cook. 

In efforts to redeem myself in the kitchen and maybe get married someday I feel the need to share one of my paleo staples.

In honor of Earth day this week, I'm going to recycle a post I originally published on December 4th 2013 on my lifestyle blog before any of you wonderful people were here!


It's clean, it's mean and it's Paleo! 

This recipe is directly from mom and I've been using it for glorious meatloaf meals in between chicken, turkey and other great protein sources.  If you follow me on instagram, you've seen the spaghetti squash + meatloaf work lunches and you may have drooled. Well here's your chance to make it for yourself! 
All you need are 5 easy ingredients (seriously only 5!) and hardly 15 minutes of prep time. Important note about these 15 minutes is that you'll need (and want) to get your hands dirty! Nothing like being wrist-deep in raw meat and eggs. 
Good luck! 

How amazing does that look? 

Here's an easy way to eat it - with spaghetti squash! 

Make your own and tag me on instagram! Email me with questions using the comments below! 

Phew - that was easy!
 photo JessiFitPdxmesig.png


  1. Yep! Making this! What kind of veggies do you use in yours?

  2. Ooooh.... Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey! I LOVE IT!

    Absolutely love it. I'm going to make this soon!!!!

    (Oh ditto on the veggies: what did you use?)

    1. Hi! You're still a no-reply blogger so I'll post my comment here :)

      I used a mix from Trader Joes (top photo) and it has a blend of carrots, onions, cabbage, broccoli, etc!


  4. Would you believe I've never eaten meatloaf....or made it?!?!?

    But this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! YuM!

  5. I have never eaten meatloaf before. I'm almost 28! This is just sad!!!

  6. yum! looks delish :) i have never had / made meatloaf lol, looks like im not alone.

  7. I do love a good meatloaf! Yum!!!

    Also, one of my favorite movies quotes!!! Crazks me up every time!

  8. I still need to make your meatloaf. Silly me for waiting so long for this goodness. I just want it to be perfect and to get the same veggie mix so I know the magic you eat for lunch!

  9. This look awesome. I going to have to give this a try one night for dinner. Going to Pinterest this recipe.

  10. I am so totally making this tonight....


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