Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wait, What Do I Eat?

Hello and welcome to Not the Average Bear if this is your first visit!

If this isn't your first visit, it means you're savvy and you won the game this week by paying close attention to my power moves in the beautiful world of the internet.

Once again, I have to assume there's only a few reasons you came to this sparkly, shiny and new (read: baby blog) corner of the internet. 

1. You're my dad (hi dad!)
2. You like fitness.
3. You like eating clean.
4. You like eating Paleo.
5. You want to learn more about fitness.
6. You want to learn how to eat clean or what the heck paleo is (?!?!).
7. You hopped over after the official reveal from my Lifestyle blog (thanks!)

Yesterday we discussed the foundation of what I'm going to be bringing you when it comes to fitness.

Today, we're going to cover the basics of #3 and #4.

My approach to nutrition has changed significantly in the past year and it always leaves people asking me "so, what do you eat?". It also has them saying, "wow! What is that, it looks so fresh, healthy and wonderful!" I like that question better.

Starting weight lifting made me want to give my body the best shot possible to grow those healthy lean muscles. To me, that meant cutting the dairy, cutting the grains and cutting the sugars that only boosted my cravings in my past-life. It meant sticking to clean vegetables, healthy meats and the biggest secret of all:

All the water I can drink.

Simply, I try to follow paleo in all areas possible - with the occasional let-loose-and-live cheese + alcohol allowances.

Why paleo? Because I've seen results in myself and others!

Since starting Paleo:

+ I've lost 15 pounds
+ Dropped a pant size
+ Can show off my arms for the first time in years
+ Am confident beyond belief
+ Don't miss bread, pasta, pizza or milk for a minute.

Expect to see beautiful creations like this and more on this page, with recipes, how-to's and substitutions for some of your favorite foods that you're not ready to give up on.

You should read my absolute favorite explanation of the paleolithic diet to understand what it is that "we" eat.

From there you can follow along and ask me all the questions you want!

Until next time!

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  1. Can't wait! Diet is the worst part for me. I'm always stuck when it comes to good clean meals (especially breakfasts). I got the working out and weight lifting down, but am looking forward to your advice and future posts!

  2. this is so great! i am so excited to start following you here!

  3. I'm with Tracey. I got the working out part down, it's just the food!
    I'm just needing to get past the point of letting go of my brown rice and brown rice pasta. :( nooooooo

  4. i want to let loose and live cheese but then it always gives me a stomach ache. womp.


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