Friday, April 4, 2014

An Easy Weekend Recipe to Try + 10k

Oh hey, did I mention that I'm running a 10k this weekend? You know the one I've hardly trained for?

If you read the introduction post you know that I used to be a pretty serious runner.

For four years straight I ran 100 miles a month - every month. No exceptions. 

I always said that it 'kept me accountable', but really what it did was held me back from discovering the amazing world of fitness that I now understand to be weight lifting, high intensity training and dance class. It also kept me from that thing called 'balance' that I try so hard to achieve in my life these days.

Here in 2014 I've only ran a total of 14 miles (hello, it's April!) and I have a simple goal for the 10k - to finish under 55 minutes.

But today isn't all about me - it's about you too!

Yesterday I had a reader ask about a healthy breakfast idea so I want to send you into the weekend with a simple three ingredient recipe from the archives that you can try, no experience necessary.

You'll need:

Veggies (any kind you want - 1 cup per serving)
Eggs (2 per serving)
Chicken Sausage (1 link per serving)
7 minutes to prepare, 3 minutes to devour it maybe that's just my time

Let me know if you try it this weekend by tagging @JessiFitPDX in your instagram food photo.

Wish me luck on the 10k and do something for yourself this weekend!

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  1. you'll do awesome! just keep your pace and if you have to walk, walk. good luck!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. saw the chopped veggies at TJs the other day and smiled because they reminded me of you. is that weird?

  3. Good luck on the 10K You will kill it!
    And thanks for the breakfast idea :)

  4. Love the new blog and can't wait to see the posts that come! Not sure if you have ever heard of Tone It Up but they have some awesome quick exercises and healthy eating. It might give you some inspiration!

  5. I haven't tried chicken sausage before...perhaps I need to look in to that!

    Good luck on your 10K!


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