Friday, April 11, 2014

Paleo Things I Ate this Week

Now that you've read the cute version of what Paleo is, how about I show you what it means to me? 

In this case, consider "me" to be you - a busy full-time working girl who eats meals at her desk and demands more time back in her day to do the things she enjoys. Sounds like you right? Good Let's try to change all of that over time, but for today I'll ask you this:

Want to have your mind blown?

Besides the smoothie you see below that I have every morning for breakfast - there's only SIX different foods in this diagram made up of my favorite lunches and dinners this week.

:: Organic Romaine Lettuce
:: Vegetable Medley (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc)
:: Grilled Chicken
:: Chicken Jalapeno Sausage
:: Eggs
:: Sun-dried Tomatoes

Oops, seven - you see all the sriracha don't you? #noshame

Now I'm not saying this is ALL I ate this week. 

I had almonds, banana chips, almond milk, carrots, other fruits - I even had a ring pop (you remember those things?)

What I'm showing you is that it's easy to plan healthy meals all week without getting crazy-fancy about it. 

Want some homework?

This weekend during your grocery trip try to buy the following:

:: Romaine Lettuce
:: Choice vegetable (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts!)
:: Chicken (your choice - anything but "fried" or "breaded")
:: Eggs

Pair these main foundation prep items with other ingredients that sound good to you and show me what you make! 

Pro Tip: Cook your meats for the entire week and put it into tupperware. Probably by Wednesday you'll thank me. 

Comment below with questions if you want some inspiration other than what's above. 

Happy eating!

 photo JessiFitPdxmesig.png


  1. The chicken looks delicious! What seasoning did you use on it?

  2. I don't have a grill so I'm wondering what other ways do you cook your chicken for the week that can be used in different ways for different meals? And yes, what seasoning did you use?

    Thanks for the homework! I'm definitely putting that stuff on the grocery list this week.

  3. That shake looks tasty... I'll give you that! :)

  4. Sriacha may be relocating as they have been declared a nuisance by the city. Time to stock up

  5. I bake chicken with lemon slices on top and it is so good! No oil, and perfect for eating as is, slicing for salads, adding to tacos, etc.

  6. So, I'm going to be honest for a second. This is the one "problem/issue" I have with eating paleo. I feel like it's so repetitive and your food choices are so I wrong??

  7. Love this! Do you use recipes or just kind of "wing it?"

  8. Yummm! However, I agree with Kasey Lynne's comment. How do you not get sick of all the chicken and veggies?

  9. I think that I am going to do the romaine tacos this week. I always do the chicken sausages and veggies! YUMM!

  10. Can you just move in with me for a month and help me? Ha ha!


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