Monday, May 19, 2014

Making a Comeback

I can't think of a more perfect Monday post than how to make a comeback on your healthy living mission. 

This post was inspired by a beautiful lady I've met through blogging - and hopefully helps some of you to get out of the "rut" that you feel like you've fallen into. 

The first and trickiest thing you need to understand about getting back onto the fitness train is understanding that there's no stops. If you really want to make a difference in your life, the only ticket you can buy goes one-way. Like you know and like I've said before, this journey is not temporary. It's not for those who want a quick fix to drop 10lbs for swim season. 

It's for those who want their skin to glow. For those who know they are worth the change and worth seeing themselves as the new and improved versions. For those who want to feel 5, 10 or 20 years younger than their actual age.


1. Decide to Succeed!

So much of this journey is rooted in your mental commitment. It's so "easy" to self-sabotage and let your mind play games with you when you don't have a defense against it. The best ammo is a contract you've signed with yourself that says "I WILL succeed. I CAN do this. I AM worth it."

This decision is vital to your success. It's the decision that will keep your hand out of the bag of potato chips. It's the decision that will keep you to actually only one scoop of ice cream rather than getting knuckle deep into the carton of mint chocolate chip.

It's your foundation. Start here.

A big help in making the decision to succeed is discovering first why you want to succeed.

2. Realize that you don't need a Miracle, you just need a Plan.

No matter who you are and no matter how far you are from your goals, it's critical to realize that you don't need a miracle, you just need a plan.

A plan! How simple! Anyone can do that!

A meal plan, a workout plan, a plan on how you're going to drink enough water every single day.

This can be something you create for yourself or something you get help with online. Whatever it looks like for you, planning can help get you on the right track to the commitment you made in step #1 and will be the best asset for you to be organized as you make potentially significant life changes.

3. Toss the Junk - Introduce the Healthy.

I've mentioned before how critical it is for you to toss the junk from your home to be successful.

Even more important is to introduce the healthy things and to keep them in the forefront of your mind.

I've got reminders of my healthy lifestyle everywhere I look around my house. It may look like clutter, but the dumbbells and the yoga mat and the tennis shoes and the kettlebell all remind me of the commitment I've made. At work, the high desk and the big glass of water are frequent reminders to stop sitting all day and to make trips to the water cooler and the restroom.

Make it almost annoying but make it significant because get ready - it's all you'll think about.

4. Enlist your Helpers.

So many people feel ashamed to admit that they need a partner to join them on their fitness journey.

Stop this - stop feeling ashamed - stop making this an excuse. There are so many resources out there and so many support groups - if this wasn't what people needed, these wouldn't exist. Needing a partner in fitness is no different than needing a partner in life.

It's a basic human need and shouldn't make you feel embarrassed.

Find them. I'm here for you, your Facebook friends are here for you, there's tons of nice instagram strangers that are here for you, that nice girl you always see at the gym the same time as you who has the cute headphones is here for you. People want to see you succeed and they're all around you - just ask them for help. Trust me.

5. Do it. 

You have your commitment, your plan, your ammunition and your helpers. Now it's time to follow the path you've set out for yourself and make the changes in your life you've been ready for.

Compared to steps 1-4, this is the fun part and where all of the magic happens.

And when all else fails, I'm here to help <3

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  1. Number 2 is so true - people expect all of the supplements and special diets to do the trick, but it never will long term because you need to make a lifestyle change!
    Great post!

  2. love #2. Which is one of my problems. I get good with change my eat habit and working out habits. Then it time to move again. So it eating out due to you are on the move and living out of hotels.

    Also you have to do it for you and not what other people say.

  3. Love all of these but #4 is important to me. So often Ill start but sometimes you need someone to check up on you and to check you on your bad habits. Great list!

  4. planning is HUGE for me - i try to sit down every sunday/monday and plan out my workouts and meals for the weekend.

  5. ok i need to stop reading your blog, making me cry again.
    i know all of these are true, i know i need to do this, i know i feel better when i exercise and eat well - so why am i still lazy and fatty? i ate so bad on the weekend i literally made myself sick. boo. i need help!

  6. Amen sister!

    This is something that I struggle with. It's getting on and staying on.

    I think this post motivated me enough to tweak my plan... and really focus on my weak points.. aka: SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

  7. Love all of this! I think number one is the hardest one to get past....thinking you are going to succeed and then taking the steps to be sure that you do! So much fear of failure!

  8. but as nike says, just do it! (but maybe with a plan)

  9. Love love love. I am right here in this, making a comeback that is changing my lifestyle for the better. So happy to have you as my fitness helper and my accountability selfie-er!

  10. Great post. Changing those tapes in my head have helped me a ton!

  11. Good stuff! Thanks for pointing me over here, dunno how I missed it yesterday!

  12. Love it! Please be my helper! Lol. I've been doing good with my daily water intake, but need more motivation when it comes to working out. By the time I get home after work, there is dinner to cook, house to clean, kids to take care of, etc. so I'm always too exhausted or burnt out to get my ass off the couch when I do have free time.

  13. You are seriously so inspirational!

  14. I absolutely LOVE this post. I wish I had committed to my come back last week. But knowing that I can't change the past I won't focus on that, just looking ahead at what I can do going forward. I'm going to be sitting down this week (hold me to that!) to go through each of these steps, including finally discovering my why. Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom!

  15. Love love love this! Number 1 is always my struggle. That mental part. I forget how good it feels to just go sweat that shit out in the gym. So thankful for someone to talk to and so thankful I'm hopped back on the train at the next stop. :)

    1. I dont know why that say I'm instead of I. I gotta quit commenting from my phone.


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