Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Challenge - Being the Best You!

Guys, remember back in May there was a link-up for favorite workouts hosted by three amazing ladies?

If you weren't here, Chelsea, Rebecca and Kait asked us to share our favorite core, arms, legs and blogger's workouts. It was a huge success.

I had a blast and asked when we could do it again. If you're wondering too, here's your opportunity! I'll be helping Chelsea and Rebecca host an amazing series lined up for you each Thursday in July. 

Check out the descriptions for each Thursday below as written by the beautiful and talented Chelsea.

July 10: Balance 

What brings balance to your life? A favorite workout? Book? Specific location? A person or animal? Share with us how you bring balance to your life. 

July 17: Energy 

What gets you going when the tank is running on empty? Share what kicks your energy levels into high gear. 

July 24: Strength 

This week is all about health and fitness. Share your favorite workouts, tips, tricks, and ways to reach your peak strength. 

July 31: Total Package 

With this being the end of the month and the last day of the link-up, share with us how you define being the BEST version of you. Get creative; anything is fair game here! 

This link-up is a chance to join, motivate and share with one another all things health, fitness and life to be the best version you.

Come back tomorrow and link up!

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  1. what a fabulous link up! i can't wait to read all of the posts.

  2. Sound like a fun challenge. I'm taking this month off from challenge. Due to it my birthday month. Plus I have a lot of things going on this month.

  3. This seems like a great challenge! I'm in!

  4. This is a great link up. I usually take Thrusday's off but we'll see, I might join in!

  5. Awesome! I will def be linking up tomorrow! Can't wait to motivate and be motivated.


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