Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being Your Best You: Strength

Welcome back for week 3 of the July Challenge link-up! 

Today we're hitting one of the more important pieces of your training plan - Strength. 

So you've been wanting to get strong, you've been wanting to get lean and you've been wanting to see muscles, right? 

You want it, but you may just not know how to get there.

You don't know what to do with the weights in the gym, you don't want to be the only girl in the weight room, you don't want to invest in your own equipment at home and you really just don't know where to start! Believe me, I didn't know either. 

I switched my focus from running myself into the ground to a strength, conditioning and lover-of-trying-new-things  attitude and I've never been happier.

Being a short on time 20-something I've been hot on the search for workouts that I can do quickly and efficiently. Last week Brooke sent me a note and said that I should download the 12 Minute Athlete App and I am seriously hooked. 

You open the app, select what equipment you have (or don't have) and it puts together a list of exercises for you to do. 

The format is 12 minutes total - 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, and on to the next 30 seconds of work in a circuit form. 

If you like what you've been given - awesome you're going to rock it! 
If you don't like it, shake your phone and it will give you a new set of exercises. 
If you're comfortable with some and not others, all good - you can modify it to fit your needs. 

For example - if I can't do "Reptile Push-Ups", I do a modified regular push-up version instead! 

No time? It's only 12 minutes.
No equipment? There's a "no equipment" option.
No experience? Modify. Practice. Improve.
Want to use a kettlebell? It lets you select that in your options.
Loved a workout and want to save it? You can do that too!

Plus, there's this great animation and there's example videos for every. single. exercise. 


From experience, my health, confidence, fitness and overall strength have completely improved once I decided to focus on my muscles.

Go get after it and find out for yourself!

ChelseaRebecca and I would love to hear what you do to make yourself stronger, both inside and out! 

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  1. downloading the app now! Thanks for the goods and sweet post ;) you are a strong rockstar!

  2. Downloading this app right now!! This is genius!

  3. Thank you for the app recommendation, I just downloaded it!

  4. I have heard great things about that app

  5. love this! i just started getting back into working out. hoping to link up with you soon!

  6. oh, you know weights are my JAM! i can live weights like a bro :)

    Vodka and Soda


    I saw this and thought of you!

  8. downloading it NOW! Thanks for this girlie :)

  9. but for realz. love dat app doe.

  10. Sounds like a pretty awesome app. I downloaded Sworkit but haven't tried it yet. It's the same concept except you can choose the time and what body area you want to work on or even cardio. I definitely need to actually try it out. This girl needs some strength in her workouts!


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