Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So Much Mischief

So we all know that vacations are a fun way to "let go" and have a good time with no worries, right?

Well my trip to Belize was exactly that - a good fun time to not worry about workouts, not stress over foods - to just enjoy the results of my hard work with a promise to myself to get right back at it once I made it back to the routine in Portland.

Then I got back to Portland.

And I recommitted to redefining my motivation.

And I got excited about getting back into it.

Then things happened.

Work happened. Good weather happened. Bad weather happened. Unexpected playtime happened. Corporate parties happened.

Sangria happened again. So. much. sangria.

And then I let sushi happen and queso happen and cheesecake happen!?!?

And it all happened so fast. I mean, even a corn dog was eaten.... it was amazing and I don't regret it - but it happened.

With all of the good weather / bad weather / work and fun - it can also be confirmed that the only sweat I produced was while eating spicy foods - and maybe once in a hot tub that I shared with a 12 year old little league baseball team. (Really, I thought only girls would do this?)

It would be so reckless delicious to keep going down this path, but man did I miss my sweat. I missed my sweat more than I missed my blog more than I miss anything in this world. Sweat is as important to me as the air I breathe. 

I'm back on track, 110%. It's a choice and nothing more. 

Meat prep. Paleo foods. Mid-work day workouts. New shoes. Weights. Stair Steppers. Sweat. 

And I'm here to stay. Mischief you were fun, but you've been managed!

Oh and look, it didn't wreck my body completely - just a little cushion that will take some water, sweat and vegetables to take care of. Thanks metabolism!!!!!!!

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  1. Sangria really is the best! All that food would have been so hard to say no to!


  2. I need to get back on track too. My schedule got all mess up 2 weeks ago. I told myself this week I would do better. Food wise I have. I just need to get back in to the workout part of things. It all go to let loss and have some fun.

  3. Your mischief sure looks fun to the girl on a cleanse esp the sushi!!! haha ... Love that you got on the ball! Gym kicked my butt yesterday and boy was there sweat!

  4. YAY! Mischief Managed!

    OH MY GOODNESS - I BOUGHT NEW KICKS YESTERDAY! New running shoes make EVERYTHING better... AM I RIGHT? (Mine will be here on Friday.. So excited for Weekend Running!)

    And you still look phenomenal! YAY METABOLISM for doing it's JOB!!!!!


    Kick some butt GIRL~

  5. Amen to no guilt and no worries - you get back on the wagon so easily now that you love your bod!

  6. Well I'm leaving for vaca in 2 days so I'm sure I'll be in your boat soon haha! You look amazing by the way ;)

  7. Life happens ... that's when you know you're living :)

  8. Oh yes so hard to get back on the training wagon when you've had so much fun on vacation and with summer!! Love the sushi picture YUM!! But way to go on getting back on track!!

  9. Looking good still girlfriend!! We all deserve a few cheat days...errr weeks, but then we get back on the workout train and it's all good! :)

  10. new shoes always and forever help me get motivated again

  11. uh you look amazing! i wish i looked like that after everything i ate in Aus. I ate all the foods, and all the dessert, and all the gluten. And it was amazing. Life is for living. What matters is that you (we) get back on track and eat good things and sweat good sweats so we can live long enough to keep enjoying cheesecakes every now and again ;)

  12. No can resist the sangria! Glad to see you back on track and still looking AMAZING!

  13. Lookin' fly still! I love when delicious things happen. And when enjoying life happens. I usually find it's much needed and some what justifiable ;)

  14. Fun is fun. Live life every once in a while. You look AMAZING even with all the mischeif!

  15. Your "so much sangria" picture had me CRACKING up!! Keep in mind I'm at work in my cozy little cubicle. Laughing to myself. Craving sangria.

  16. That's great that you had such a great time with the bad foods, but that is even better that you are so determined to get back on track. I know you can do it!! I've never had a sangria before.. hmm.


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