Thursday, July 17, 2014

Being Your Best You: Energy

Wake up! Wake up! I need you to get excited with me for just a few minutes. 

I know that's a lot to ask considering that it's Thursday and we are already looking forward to no morning alarm on Saturday morning, but I have another important topic in this month's July challenge. 

To me, energy is like currency. You can earn it the same way that you can spend it.

At the end of the day your energy is something that you can manage if you want to, and something that you can then choose to spend whichever way you'd like to as well.

"Earning" energy is different for everyone and I truly believe that it comes down to your personality type. Introverts recharge through alone and quiet time. Extroverts recharge in the loud and obnoxious company of others. Many of you have never met me, but I'm an introvert through and through so I'm going to share the ways that I, as an introvert, earn energy and refill my tank. 

:: Rest

Seriously, sleep. Get the sleep that you deserve each and every night and get the non-sleep rest too. Netflix binges count.

:: Say "No"

This goes back to our balance conversation that we had last week. The more you say "no" to things you're not 100% wanting to do, the more time and 'energy' you get to put back into your life and the things you find to be the most important and meaningful to you. 

:: Nourish your body with clean and healthy foods

I've never finished a bag of potato chips and thought "Wow, I have so much energy now."

You can avoid that gross-all-the-time feeling by sticking to healthier foods like vegetables and good proteins while avoiding empty calories and "bad foods" that we all know aren't good for us. For me, meal prep is the key ingredient to this effort - but that's something we can talk about a different day!

:: Work out

Okay so I know this sounds like it's a way to spend energy - but it's also a way to get the blood flowing and to "get the fuzz out". If you sit around all day, chances are you're going to feel a little lethargic. Try moving your stuff for at least 30 minutes a day and see what it does for your energy levels and overall outlook on life!

Then from there, spend your energy however you choose! Whether that's being social with friends, going out dancing, putting in a little extra effort at work or going hard on reading blogs!

ChelseaRebecca and I would love to hear how you energize yourself in the comments and on your own blog in the July Challenge link-up!

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  1. I am obsessed with your opener: Energy is like currency. You can earn it the same way that you can spend it...don't be surprised if I use this is the future! you are a rockstar...Cheers to Energy and the July Challenge!

  2. I LOVE ENERGY!!!!! It's the first think to go when I eat like poopoo or don't work out.

  3. wellll girl you are eating the wrong potato chips, thats all i'm gonna say.
    jk. you're so right. i never feel better after junk. for me, i like sleep + b12 + chia seeds = most energised kristen.

  4. I have joined in for the 2nd week of this amazing link up! So Positive. I can't seem to get the link up to work correctly, I can't add my info! SUPER SAD FACE!

    I'll post the links here if that's okay. Thursday is a big day in my world!

    First - Best of you: Energy

    Second - Tabata Thursday

    Third - Twit Thursdays!

    Come check them all out!
    Thanks for letting me join in!


      I love how positive you are, and how fitness and overall health (inside and out) is your thing.
      You inspire me.

      Thus, I've nominated you for a Liebster award!

  5. Yes! Eating well and working out consistently makes me feel the best I possibly can!

  6. Working out give me a lot of energy and make you feel good too.

  7. i need some energy in my life! i feel like i am still playing catch up from this weekend : )

  8. okay so i didnt tell you and brooke this when i was dying on the mountain buuuut i definitely have a b12 and iron deficiency which drains me of energy AND leads to my ahem... arrhythmia. WHOOPS. should have mentioned that. but ever since portland i have been SO motivated to get healthy. more so for the fact that i don't want to have a heart attack at 30.

  9. I can always use more energy...and I'm sure it's because of my lack of exercising for the past like month!! I need some crazy motivation right now!

  10. So glad that netflix binges count. :) hehe but I definitely agree with you about exercise. It gives me more energy than beforehand, I almost always feel better after I leave the gym. :)

  11. I def agree about working out being a good energy source! So many studies have shown that people who lead active lifestyles feel less lethargic and have more energy!

    ps. will we be able to link up this week? it isn't allowing any additions right now =(

  12. love this!! I need to improve on my sleep but Ive improved on all the others.


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