Thursday, July 10, 2014

Being Your Best You: Balance

Balance is such a tricky thing, isn't it?

If you're anything like me, you want a mixture of the following things in your life:

:: Do well in your job and make all the money
:: Have great relationships with friends/family/significant others/pets
:: Eat right and get/stay in good shape
:: Make people laugh everyday
:: Perfect hair / nails / wardrobe / accessories
:: Indulgence and entertainment
:: Relaxation and binge-watching Netflix sessions
:: Blog & read all the blogs.
:: Happiness

There's more, but I think you see my point. 

You want it all. 

But doesn't having it all sound a little bit exhausting? 

I've always been a do-it-all-or-die lonely kind of person. I sit on the Type-A side of the fence, but I think you knew that about me from my tales of running 100 miles a month for 4 years, three college degrees in 4 years, writing two blogs, working a high-profile job, stressing over things I can't control. 

Those are all sad examples of the way I've always been hungry for "more". 

Over the past year I've learned the valuable lesson that doing "more" doesn't make me a better person. It makes me tired. It makes me a worse friend. It empties my tank and takes away the opportunities that I have in front of me to become my BEST me. 

The important lesson I've learned is that balance makes me the best me.

Balance is different for everyone, but for me it boils down to filling my world with the things that I feel are important to my overall physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness. 

:: Filling the tank
:: Laughing
:: Making time for myself
:: Working smarter
:: Asking for help when I need it
:: Finding the good
:: Exercising
:: Connecting
:: Dancing
:: Smiling
:: Saying "No" and meaning it. 

I feel that last one is the most important to me in terms of achieving balance - with the amazing part about saying "no" is that I've mostly only had to say it to myself. Not so scary after all. 

Pretty awesome concept isn't it?

What do you do to create some normalcy and balance in your healthy and beautiful life? 

ChelseaRebecca and I would love to hear from you both in the comments and the July Challenge link-up!

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  1. Enjoyed this post. Finding balance is something I'm working at too which isn't easy when you have 2 jobs. Lol

  2. I just learn how to say no and meaning it this year. Which it felt good to do.

  3. This post is perfection! I couldn't agree more (love your BEST Balance) Cheers to the July Challenge!

  4. Love this! We are so alike! I have three college degree too (well one is a double major) and I had those two by age 20 and Im working on my masters now while working a stressful job, tutoring college kids and blogging. Balance is definitely key!

  5. Check out my link up today, you can totally use this post and link up for it.

    It's called TWIT THURSDAY and it's about furthering the healthy journey! With support from the blogging community!

    I am totally linking up with this today... Balance... I got to think about it...
    But, check me out later on.. I bet I got something!


  6. Yes to saying no :) I've focused a lot on that lately and it helps so much!

  7. what a great post. i like to have it all, but i never have. i like to try, and think i have it all, but alas it is not meant to be. i dont often have a reason to say no (perks of living away from pretty much everyone you ever knew) but i like your other things :)

  8. but for reals. still trying to figure out how you do all that you do

  9. saying no is so hard. i want to be able to do it all but sometimes i have to cut myself off in order to have balance!

  10. There aren't enough hours in a day!! Especially when you work full time....I just want a couple extra hours. Is that too much to ask? :)

  11. You are one bad ass chick my friend. If you can find balance then there's hope for all of us!

  12. Heck yeah July challenge! I have no idea how you do it all!!


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