Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Redefining My Motivation

Hi fitness friends!

Most of my fitness and health goals over the past few months were driven by a serious desire to confidently wear a swim suit on a tropical vacation with my family. This was kept secret from my blog considering the vacation was a surprise, so I’m sorry that I never mentioned that in my goals. Actually I’ve also been training for my flex pose for Instagram sweaty selfies

Judge me, I do. 

Both of these goals were purely aesthetic, but approached with patience and done with my sustainable health in mind. 

In my opinion, I far exceeded my expectations for myself and am proud of my attitude toward toning and firming the healthy way. 

For me, the “healthy way” meant ditching the scale, lifting weights, staying hydrated and fueling my body with the good whole foods that it could use for good and not store for bad. 

This is what that approach got me, along with a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence.

This foundation I built was different than crash diets I’ve tried in the past. 

This was the game-changer and a huge positive because ‘quick fixes’ don’t exist usually mean exhaustion, fatigue and quicker re-gain because the body wants to store and secure anything and everything to prepare for hibernation. Sorry body, I’ve been an asshole to you in the past. Never again. 

Now that I have this foundation down, I have my sights on much more than ‘looking good’ in a bikini. 

I have my focus on strength. 
I have my focus on push-ups.
I have my focus on testing my boundaries. 
I have my focus on inspiring others. 
I have my focus on fitting workouts into a busier work schedule. 
I have my focus on broadening my paleo food horizons.
I have my focus on maintaining and improving the work I’ve done. 
I have my focus on being kind to my body. 

I don’t need a race to train for, or a third Tough Mudder under my belt. 

I just want to keep health, fitness and balance at the forefront of my life because I’ve found that doing so brings me great happiness. 

Happiness from the stress-relief I gain, happiness from the way I inspire others, happiness from the way I feel - inside and out. 

What’s your motivation?

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  1. You look great girly!


  2. I think that was a great motivation! And I am similar I want to be smaller for a couple of trips I have this year. Also for some weddings I will be going to.

    PS... loveeee the pics! You look great!

  3. You look wonderful and have such a great, great philosophy with your motivation! Keep it up lady!

  4. You look amazing and I love your outlook on motivation.

  5. You look great. These last week I have been thrown off my schedule. So I have lost some of my motivation. Which I plan on getting it back soon. My goal are to look and feel great for my wedding anniversary in August.

  6. Wow.

    Truly inspiring.

    I'm almost half way through my 14 day reset to get back to healthy.
    And I needed this today.

    It isn't about the scale... It isn't about the bikini... It's about the health, the persistence, and the endurance... oh yeah.. and the STRENGTH (bot mental, emotional and physical).

    You rock. Seriously. This post... I'm reading it again... and again... <3 it

  7. You are amazing, you look so good!!! You should be SOOOO proud. How have I missed you've done 2 Tough Mudders?? My hubby did it last year, I really want to do it. Warrior Dash was not enough of a challenge for me. That is awesome girl!

  8. You look absolutely amazing! Will you move to Missouri and be my personal trainer? I have a spare bedroom you can sleep in.

  9. Yes, yes, and yes. I love this Jessi that has matured over the past year that I've followed you- "I have my focus on being kind to my body" is the best thing we can do for ourselves!! xo

  10. I love you. I didn't even know I needed to hear something like this until I read your post. And then something just clicked and I'm all over here like "why is she so awesome?" So again, I heart you so big!

  11. I loved this so much. Thank you for posting this.

    I tried so many "crash diets" and it never lasted obviously. It's about doing things the right way and continuously eating healthy and working out and everything.

    You're awesome dear! Thank you for always sharing truth, honesty, and being so open.

  12. proud of you girl! you look great and what a HUGE accomplishment to feel confident in a bathing suit. it's a tough feat!

  13. ahhh yes here is the part where you have to focus to not only maintain but work towards even more :) daily battle, but it's worth it.

  14. You definitely rocked the swim suit while on vacation!

  15. you look fantastic! way to go! :) I really needed to read this today.

  16. Amazing girl!!!! You look fabulous and your outlook is so inspiring :-)

  17. I'm so glad you're my fitness buddy and I can send you snapchats on me in my underwear lol

  18. "I just want to keep health, fitness and balance at the forefront of my life because I’ve found that doing so brings me great happiness." I like that. I've been having a TERRIBLE time eating healthy lately for some reason... I'm going to give this mindset a shot! :)

  19. Yes! It's a wonderful stress reliever. I always feel better! You're doing awesome! Keep the sweaty selfies coming!

  20. You look absolutely amazing Jessi! This is such a great post :D

  21. you look amazing and i'm so happy for you!


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