Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stand Up For Yourself

You read that right. Stand up for yourself. 

I’m not talking about picking a fight with a bully. I’m talking about getting out of your chair and not living the daily sedentary office lifestyle many of us have been forced into.

There’s serious research behind how sitting for long durations each day is slowly killing us. 

Isn’t it obvious? 

Full infographic (Worth a look!) here

I'm forced to sit up to two hours already at a minimum just from my cross-city car commute, the last thing I need is to get to my desk and continue to flatten my ass on the chair leather. 

Long ago at work I requested an elevated desk and an elevated chair so that I can commit to standing half of the day at my desk at a minimum! This has led to improved flexibility. I also try to take a walk around our beautiful campus with co-workers every opportunity I get - which sometimes even just means tagging along for a walk to the cafeteria even though I've packed my lunch. 

Recently I’ve been having more meetings at work which for me has meant more sitting. In the four walls of the conference room there’s no other option than to sit at the table and take notes while nodding your head in agreement (and trying to ignore the snapchat notifications that keep rolling in). You bet I'm also taking notes on the time that I'm sitting and combatting it every way I can. 

Are you still sitting?

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  1. I'm still sitting, but that's because I literally have NO WHERE to go at my work lol

  2. I'm sitting. I wish I could get an elevated desk and chair. That be so awesome.
    I try to get up and move every couple of hours though.. take the stairs.. SOMETHING...

    Hey.. speaking of being totally healthy...

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  3. I move a lot around during the day. I try not to sit for to long. My husband has a Garmin Vivofit and if you sit to long you will get a red bar. That you have to work off by walking.

  4. I wish I could have an elevated desk. However I do get up a lot at work and walk around. Sometimes I will go up and down some flights of stairs just to get some movement going.

  5. I try to get up and walk around as much as possible. It's just tricky when I get in the groove ya know?!? I would love an elevated desk!

  6. I'm currently sitting but I've already completed a couple round of bathroom squats, more to come ;)

  7. Love this!! I sit all day at work as well but try to throw in any excuse to get up and do something. Recycling needs to be collected and taken out? I'm your girl. I'm considering a stability ball instead of a chair though, just to prevent slouching and work those ab muscles!

  8. I have to sit all day at a desk for work.I wish I could ask for an elevated desk! Sometimes I miss the retail days of college when I stood for 8-9 hours at a time. I hate being stuck in this chair. I make sure I drink a lot of water so that I have to get up and pee every 45 minutes to an hour. The bathroom is on the opposite end of the building as at least it is some movement!

  9. That's why you gotta car dance during your commute. Then it doesn't really count as sitting! ;)

  10. I guess I do both for work, it depends on if Im in my office or in court but I do a fair amount of walking bewteen the two places haha

  11. ahh i sit all day. boo. i try and get up at least once an hour, and i stretch and stuff. at home, once my butt is on the couch.. its staying there. haha.

  12. We can exchange job I'll be fine with sitting all day and I think we work in the same company :) Kidding (even if I really hope one day very soon to be there too!!!) but I do stand all day in my job, running up and down the stairs :) I have a lot of friends that have a job where they sit all day and they bought those big balls to sit on. They love it and really helps with the cores! So I guess where you work they won't mind if you use it during meetings since everything is an excuse to exercise :)


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