Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vacation Confessions

Happy Hump Day!

You learned on Monday that I did my vacation right and didn’t force any workouts into my week in paradise. 

Want to know something else?

I didn’t obsess over being 100% Paleo either. 

I ate airplane peanuts. 
I ate beans (black and refried).
I ate rice.
I ate fried bread. 
I ate focaccia bread.
I ate Doritos. Handfuls of Doritos. (have you tried the Spicy Sweet Chili ones?)

I ate cheese.
I ate m&m’s.  
I ate tortilla chips. 
I ate the taco shell of a taco salad (and loved every crunchy bite I took)

I ate airplane cookies. 
I drank juice.
I drank too much rum.

Detox week in order? Yes!
Stress over what I ate? Never!
Huge implications on my weight and my body? Not at all! 

There was no sense in worrying over what I couldn’t eat in a group of people - so decided to live bravely, cheat moderately and confess openly. 

I live to tell the tale and I still fit my skinny jeans.

Cheers to indulging!

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  1. Love the no stress attitude over what you ate! You were on vacation I think the best part of vacations is the food!

  2. Hooray for you! That taco salad looks amazing. I want one in my mouth now!

  3. This is awesome and now I am craving this taco salad!

  4. Vacation are meant to eat what ever your want. Then you come home and work it off.

  5. :) Awesome.
    Just awesome.

    I am glad you enjoyed your vacation and didn't stress about what you were putting in you.
    Honestly, I admire that, I'd be eating and feeling like a moron while eating it.

    You have a wonderful mindset... Very inspiring

  6. THANK YOU! This was so refreshing to read! It bothers me when I read about healthy eaters stressing over eating paleo on vacation...or gluten-free (when not specifically gluten sensitive). This weekend, I went to Vegas and I ate cheetos, and they were soooooooooo good. On a day to day basis, I make every effort to eliminate processed foods, but what's the fun in that when you're on vacation?!

  7. Cheers to indulging and skinny jeans girl! And that taco salad, omg. I'm so glad I'm making a Mexican dish tonight because all I want is guac now ;)

  8. Good job for indulging, but being smart about it!! It's okay to cheat once in awhile, especially on vacation.

  9. cheat moderately should pretty much be my life motto!

  10. I have to say I love those gifs! They cracked me up :)

    Cheers to indulging indeed! A little cheat every now and then is a nice treat. Everything in moderation, right?

  11. mmmmmm that taco salad looks amazing!

    Also, great attitude!

  12. I'm starting to write a post about this for Friday- indulging happens and is necessary to feel like a normal human (i.e., rum is good for my mental health). But it's even better when we can find the balance that still lets us fit in our skinny jeans!

  13. Cheating on vacation is totally acceptable! Jumping back on when you get home is the tricky part! ;)

  14. The spicy-sweet chili doritos are THE.BEST. Those wonderful purple bags were my go-to late-night snack during exams. Definitely something I can't let myself buy all the time cause they disappear so fast.
    Glad to hear you approached vacation in a healthy way (as in relax/indulge guilt-free) and can reset without feeling bad!

  15. The spicy sweet chili Doritos are what I allow myself to eat at the beach every time we go! They are my favorite vacation comfort!!! Go you having what you want and not feeling bad about it...because there is no reason to! You deserve a break!

  16. Now this is the kind of well balanced diet I can get on board with. ;P

  17. Found you on the confessions link up - and I have a weird question - is the "bear" in your blog title because you were called "Jessi Bear" as a nickname? I only ask because one of my best girlfriends is a Jessie and had the same nick name. AND she's a fitness bad ass like you. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence! Glad I found you on the link up, looks like you have a great motivational blog, and I could really use it!

  18. girl when i'm on vacay, i relax my rules. i still avoid the bad stuff (for fear of feeding frenzy) but for the most part, i eat and drink what i want with zero guilt.

    Vodka and Soda

  19. You look great so I'm sure one short vacation wouldn't harm you :)

  20. I absolutely love that you didn't stress over sticking to a Paleo diet on vacation. This might sound funny but I find that you are so real when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. You let life happen and you don't stress out about it. And you're proof that you can take time off from the healthy lifestyle to allow yourself to have fun and enjoy vacation but then get back to it once vacation is over. You're my role model!

  21. you're beyond awesome! love that you dont stress and are so care free. you're my role model as well! i definitely did not stick to any diet on my trip (unless its the old 'seefood diet') and i cannot say the same for me and my skinny jeans.

  22. I love that you didn't care about not sticking to Paleo. It's always nice not to stress over what we eat. That's also awesome that it didn't effect you negatively!


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