Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Meat Tornado

I had such a fun time last month with the May favorite workouts link-up and I almost didn't know what to write about today for Tough it Out Tuesday.

You know I like lifting, you know I like squatting, you know I like sweating.

But did you also know that I LOVE eating? Like, really love. 

I've never got to the point here where I share my grocery list because I fear you'd all say I was pretty boring. Paleo can be very diverse for some people, but I'm perfectly happy with eating the same thing over and over if I love it enough. 

My first line of defense for hunger pangs and snack-time?


Get it in my mouth. 

Chicken, beef, turkey, sausage, bacon - I don't discriminate. I love it all. 

Meat tornado. 

I always have to have some type of meat prepped in my house because it makes snack time a no brainer. It also makes meal time a no brainer. 

Meat is my lifeblood because it's protein and there's endless ways to flavor, spice and dress it up. Plus it makes me feel good and it helps my muscles grow.

Meat is my first line of defense because as long as I have meat and a skillet - I can make a pretty great meal (for my single-self, not for a dinner party).  I have meat for most every meal and if you're a guy you'd be pretty upset that you'd have to compete with me for the beef. I keep flirting with the idea of buying half of a cow, but might need to share it. Brooke, you guys need a re-stock?

Oh hey, I know it's not Wednesday yet but sometimes you also have to treat yo'self.

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The Best Of Intentions

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  1. Bahaha love that park and rec line :)


  2. I love meat and have to have it every meal just about. Yum!

  3. hell to the yes wrt meat. i eat meat all the time - organic of course because aint nobody got time for all that bullshit they put in the meat. my friends and i are looking into getting half a side of organic beef this summer...should last us for about a year!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. My husband and I have thought of buying half a cow or bison, because we are such big carnivores!

  5. I stock turkey jerky like its my job.

  6. I'm such a snacker - like need to have bars with me at all times!!! turkey sausage is my new go to meat - love it!!

  7. Explain "Tough it out Tuesday".. What is this? Hahaha.

    Meat? YES! But, I'm such a foodie.. it's my biggest downfall.. AND WHAT IS THAT YUMMY LOOKING THING FROM.. TACO BELL?!?!?!

    Man.. I'm feeling so tired today.. I just want to eat ... lots of JERKY.. I swear... Just get a MONDO BAG and DO IT!


  8. excuse me while i a vomit.
    jk, jk my dear! that sausage actually looks so yummy - im gonna be a meat eating fool when we go home because of all the foods i missed. no shame.

  9. I try the whole meat for snack thing last week. I was full from it but it make the number on the scale go up. Which I'm start to get to the point I like screw you scale. I have a feeling the next couple weeks I will be over what it has to say to me.

    In my house we buy a huge chuck of ham and turkey from the deli for chef salads thru out the week.

  10. Yup, me too girl. Gotta have my meats! Chicken is my fave for sure.

  11. I think sharing your grocery list would be helpful for people starting paleo! I am having my avocado, romaine lettuce, and cholula snack again today and it would totally be better with some chicken sausage. Too bad I didn't have my meat prepped! Buuuuttttt... I do have salmon leftovers for lunch!! #fancypants

  12. BUY A COW! You can even do a 1/4 of a cow too or even smaller i think?!

  13. Totally buy a cow! My brother and sister in law got half of a cow and they've said over and over again it was the best decision they've ever made because they eat so much beef. BUY A COW.

  14. Dad and I bought 1/2 of a grass fed cow. Best decision!

  15. I swear meat prep is the longest part of all of my meals I really need to do a big cook on Sunday for the week!

  16. I've been flirting with the idea of buying a portion of a grassfed cow myself! Halvsies?

  17. Meat = Yum. I can barely eat a meal without meat. Its a problem.

  18. I'm definitely happier with my meals when they have meat in them. I love it all just like you. :)

  19. I usually include meat in my meals too. I mean...it keeps you full, duh!

  20. nommmm on all that sausage...that sounded bad.
    But yes I eat meat pretty much every meal. I do not eat a lot of red meat, but chicken & turkey...get in my belly.

    & all that siracha, nommmm

  21. I'll take all the meat that I can get!!
    I'll be cooking some at lunch actually. I can taste it already...


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